A Pre-Lockdown Shooting – Shooting Location: Farm 1861

29 March 2021

In the historical period of stock-footage and self-content creation (everyone can be a creator!), executing a national advertising campaign in a “traditional” manner with locations for shooting, casting, techniques, catering, and more is no longer (unfortunately?) as common an event as in the past.

Adding to this the 2020 pandemic situation, it becomes a true rarity, in the sense that beyond the willingness to carry out, all the necessary practices must be put into place to ensure the required health and safety standards are met to guarantee the safety of all participants present at the location for the shooting.

Ultimately, everything must go well for the end client because, as we know, the Client is (our) King (even though we live in a democracy).

A kind of “needle in a haystack,” so to speak… or at least a delicate game of chess to be played with attention and intelligence… but we like rarities, and the haystack is one of the “Top Spots” of our location for shooting and events, Farm 1861… so here we are on Thursday, November 5, 2020, right at our location for shooting, certified and sanitized as “Covid Free,” to shoot the visual for “The Heart Counts on You”, a national awareness campaign for the Italian Heart Foundation and Amgen Italy aimed at patients with heart problems and their families.

“A bad move can spoil forty good ones.”

Al Horowitz, chess player (1907-1973)

A sensitive, delicate, and relevant theme: “A bad move can spoil forty good ones,” the warning of chess master Al Horowitz is also valid in cardiovascular prevention, even more so after a heart attack or stroke, when the risk of a “checkmate” must be avoided at all costs.

And, speaking of shooting, the creativity of reference is not one of the simplest to realize: it is no coincidence that the image of a man and a girl in front of a chessboard accompanies the new multichannel campaign “The Heart Counts on You – Make the Right Move” (check it out).

On the set, a special harmony immediately formed between Renato and Nicole, an understanding that was perceptible, a familiarity that shines through in the final shot, showing them as accomplices on the metaphorical chessboard of life where it is the granddaughter who suggests to her beloved grandfather to “Make the right move,” not just for himself but for all his loved ones counting on him.

A heart choice indeed, in every sense, at “our” Heart location.


Working safely is very important during this period. We have implemented an internal protocol that allows us and our clients to operate safely in the location during a photo shoot.


Having various certifications following the preventive actions to adhere to the safety standards established by the Ministry.

  1. For people present inside the location, it is necessary to complete a specific certification declaring negative for Covid-19.
  2. For spaces, a certification that attests to the completion of sanitization is required.


Carrying out the sanitization of spaces is a necessary action followed by the release of a certificate. The operation must take place the day before the shooting or on the same day before the arrival of guests and staff involved in the shooting.


Perform a test on all members involved in the shooting to allow them access to the workspaces. The test must be carried out within 48 hours prior to the day of the shooting.


Providing all the necessary safety equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer gels distributed at the entrance and at various strategic points of the location, so they are easily accessible to all participants during the day.


There are basic behavioral rules to follow that ensure safe activity during the shooting day.

  1. Limit access to only those involved in the shooting in the dedicated spaces.
  2. Define the maximum number of people who can be inside the Location.
  3. Measure the temperature at the entrance to all people entering the space.
  4. Set up an attendance register at the entrance to track all movements and access.
  5. The obligation to wear individual protection devices (in the presence of people without masks, they must be at least FFP2).
  6. Always ensure at least one meter of distance between people and avoid forming gatherings.
  7. Minimize the circulation of paper.
  8. Single-portion meals are allowed for consumption, while organizing buffets is prohibited.

Attention: in the presence of children for the shoot, there must always be a parent or designated guardian on set to ensure the correct observation of safety measures for the protection of minors.

Don’t forget: at the end of production, further sanitization of the spaces used is necessary, after which certification will be issued.


Farm 1861 was born from the restoration of an ancient farmhouse from the late 1600s with spaces designed to be suitable for a new use while maintaining the original identity of the building. An ambitious project of a space dedicated to enhancing the territory with the goal of encouraging creative development.

With Location Farm 1861, our goal is to provide space for the city and companies.

A place of work and meeting capable of welcoming people.

A center for aggregation, cultural, work, physical, and social space where people can meet, share stories, confront each other, and realize their projects.



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