Brand experience: a journey inside brand 2.0

21 February 2024

In the years where perception has become one of the prime factors impacting purchase decisions, learning to make a good impression from the first contact with the first touchpoint has become a priority for companies.

Having the right skill, consistency, and ability to tell a story through any activity – even a non-communicative brand experience – has become a true competitive advantage in the consumer market. Those companies that have this characteristic manage to have a greater appeal, managing to sell not thanks to the product, but thanks to the brand.

This quality also allows for an exponential possibility of consumer loyalty: a customer who buys for the quality of a product will only be loyal if all subsequent products maintain the same standard; a customer who becomes attached to a brand value will always be so, regardless of the products.


Brand experience is the new way to get in touch with the consumer: creating an engaging experience that will be remembered over the years has become the number one challenge for many companies. This widespread practice allows companies to tell their story not just through a product but by sharing goals, values, future dreams through something the consumer doesn’t just perceive but can also see with their own eyes.

Il marketing esperienziale sta diventando, sempre di più, una branca esplorata dalle aziende.Experiential marketing is becoming, more and more, a branch explored by companies. The concept may not seem current but, in reality, we experience it more than we think.

Take, for example, a package that arrives at home after an online purchase, we open it: the first emotion we feel is the satisfaction of opening the outer wrapping; then we can enjoy a personalized packaging (not the classic cardboard rectangle) which will certainly evoke the brand’s image; as a final step, we open the packaging to see how the product is arranged inside. A company attentive to this process has already created an experience even before we physically touch the product: the classic concept of “unboxing”. The experience sticks in the consumer’s mind more than the use of the product itself.

This was just one example; there are many different ways. One that is extremely present in our habits is stands and in-stores: these are carefully studied to create attractive designs, paths to follow, and to immerse and involve us in the surrounding environment.


On the occasion of Expotorre 2023 in Torre San Giorgio (CN), branded by Idrocentro and dedicated to “The house and the climate”, we were contacted by Midea Italy to create its set design and product layout for the fair. We were tasked with handling the entire ideation, creation, and realization phase of the set.

The client’s objective was to create a 48m2 set that would showcase the Midea environment and display its best product lines and appliances for the home. We created the environment by interpreting the brand and its values from scratch, with the challenge of having to incorporate many products into a small space. Naturally, everything was developed in such a way that it respected Midea’s famous pay-off “Make yourself at home”.

This meant having to create a set – a brand experience – that would make the visitor feel as if they were at home and create a home planet that highlighted the best product lines and the company’s high values. Creating an engaging experience to realize the right brand experience to fall in love with the brand by taking a journey inside it was our prerogative: we committed ourselves so that the visitor could “make themselves at home”.

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