Employer branding: when the quality of work reflects on the market

31 May 2023


The evolution of the world is continuous and becoming faster every day in any field we choose to analyze. Let’s talk about the market. Within twenty years, there has been a shift from a totalitarian focus on the product/service to one linked to the consumer, and now to the current emphasis on the promotion of high corporate values.

Today, if a person does not share the choices of a company or does not share a certain corporate ideal or value they will not become a consumer. The product/service really doesn’t matter much: it can be the best on the market, the best in terms of quality-price, and everything else, it has no importance.

In the digital age, where accessing any content has become a click away, the formation of an ideal and its polarization have become the norm. Following this path, consequently, there is a tendency to condemn those who do not think the same way.


We are entering a decade of change, protests, and disorder in the pursuit of a better quality of life. This new modus operandi has strongly influenced companies. This new modus operandi has strongly influenced companies.

Environmental sustainability and respect for workers are the two main issues around which many protests revolve. At this moment, we are interested in evaluating the latter.

It has become customary to see advertising campaigns – even on TV – that tell their own company life, the successes achieved by their employees thanks to the company, narrating a beautiful quality of work and respect, and aiming to position themselves through employer branding. We can take as examples recent campaigns: Amazon that has created scholarships for deserving female STEM students or McDonald’s with scholarships for working students. All this putting aside the product/service: the only goal is to position themselves.

Today, with such a widely discussed and felt issue by the entire audience of any market, it’s important that it’s explored by companies to remain appealing. In these years, being a company that exploits workers and has a high turnover is equivalent to having poor products, therefore, it will equate to seeing one’s market shares fall.

But it’s absolutely not enough to make an advertising spot to be perceived in this way. Keeping “the word” given with a campaign, truly respecting the worker, offering them the compensation they deserve, and implementing initiatives in their favor are the keys to positioning oneself and maintaining that position over time. Employer branding, to be effective, must necessarily represent the true company life.

Often, we forget that it is the workers who make the success of the companies, we forget that a happy and satisfied worker will provide better service, we forget that an involved employee will embrace the company’s goals to row in the same direction. Respect, valorization, adequate remuneration.


We want to tell how the valorization of the employee and doing employer branding is fundamental for a large company like Ferrarelle.

Our goal? We were tasked with managing, developing, and coordinating a sales convention with the employees themselves as guests: salespeople, presidency, management committee, and representatives of other corporate functions. An event that values the sales force, celebrates the excellent results achieved in the last three years, and strengthens their motivation. The keywords were spectacularity, fun, and exclusivity.


The theme we chose – The Great Gatsby – was meant to give the event the touch of spectacularity it needed: celebrating the great results achieved in three years – despite the pandemic and the many difficulties along the way – had to be perceived as a celebration. For the sales force, to experience moments of extreme gratification because “my company organized an event to celebrate me and my colleagues to thank us for our work” is a true operation of deep respect and employer branding.

The claim “THE ART OF SUCCESS” was meant to tell the story of creativity, commitment, perseverance, and courage that lies behind success. We wanted to make it clear that success is art, it is work, it does not come by itself.

Ibiza was the location: an exclusive place that is normally portrayed as “vacation”: what could have been their goal if not the reward of its workers? A destination that evokes luxury, exclusivity, and the concept of day-off is the right medal for those who have enabled Ferrarelle’s success.

Team building activities, moments by the sea, relaxation, and carefreeness was another focus that was meant to enrich the experience: a Ferrarelle-branded Padel tournament organized on the second morning created involvement among the guests. But what was the goal? Obviously, to create a sense of fun and relaxation after so much effort and work to achieve these great goals.


An event that highlighted the employees and then the results they have achieved, which told of gratitude and spectacularity, which offered unforgettable moments and brand experience while wanting to reinforce a motivation that was already there. And we, in organizing this convention, it’s as if we were also telling our own story.

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