Sustainability – the watchword of the new decade

22 May 2023


Optimization of raw material procurement processes, cost minimization, consumer loyalty, profit maximization, etc., are the primary goals of any public and private company. However, today, a new concept has entered the main focus of companies: environmental sustainability.

In the years when climate change has strongly impacted our daily lives, the news, and business realities, we often hear about environmental sustainability. There’s no need to explain what it is: by now, on social media, in the news, or directly from a friend or relative, we have all heard at least once that environmental sustainability is an essential piece to implement in our lives for a better future.

Companies are convinced of this, too. Every day, it’s becoming more common for consumers to become fully aware of the situation and start setting goals to reduce their impact on the planet, beginning with changing their purchasing habits. Hence, they will decide to buy only zero-impact, recycled products containing the least amount of plastic possible, etc. Unless companies start setting the same goals and begin a green transition, they will be perceived by consumers as polluting, and therefore, not in line with their way of life. What does this mean? A slow disappearance from the market’s top ranks.

Of course, this discussion is linked to the transition of companies: we are absolutely in favor of these choices being made for value reasons and not just market laws.


During the normal course of our work, what caught our eye is that more and more clients want content creation, events, and conventions that shine a light on their Brand Sustainability: whether it’s a rebranding, a setup, or a simple visual, the request to pay strong attention to this theme is becoming a constant.

The trend of thought is that this type of communication should happen externally, towards stakeholders, to create an image more in line with new sensitivities… but it’s not always so. Quite often, these events, where the topic is addressed, are tied to internal use. More often than one might think.


The protagonist of this story is Costa d’Oro: Planet O-Live is the concept of the event we organized at the beautiful Palazzina Appiani, a location within Parco Sempione in Milan.

What is Planet O-Live? It’s the video representation of a new planet whose population collaborates and reveals themselves to be aware of their impact: companies, producers, and above all, consumers are strongly attentive to their production and consumption choices to “do their part”.

Our work focused on the organization and setup. After contacting the client and choosing a location immersed in greenery, which allowed for the appropriate spaces and freedom to create an environment that made the event’s concept perceptible, came the most representative part: the setup.


We asked ourselves: how to create a setup that allows for a journey on Planet O-Live? Nature, nature, and more nature!

What was the client’s objective? To create an environment that narrates environmental sustainability, that makes the planet come alive, and that highlights Costa d’Oro’s first oil with 0 pesticide residues in Italy: “Zero”.

A location immersed in greenery to maintain the client’s Brand Image that ties to nature and allows one to perceive Brand Sustainability. But how to connect nature to the location and create an experience on the sustainable Planet? Nature okay, but how do we arrange it? Inside! We placed a selection of potted plants throughout the villa, small growing plants on soil laid on the floor, and small product exhibition areas with a design reminiscent of nature, and of course, brand sustainability. Outside, we created a relaxation area with cushions and lanterns on the steps.

We know well that there is no such thing as “waste material”, everything has the potential to be reused and not wasted. In agreement with the suppliers, at the end of the convention, no plant was thrown away but, instead, was repotted and given a new life.

Sustainability experience: a new way to communicate.

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